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Dear My Lady
First of all all I would like to say?
A Happy Happy Anniversary to us.
I mean a Happy Happy 7th Anniversary to us
You're such a great partner that the Lord had given me..
And Im so fully blessed to have you.. For all those years we've been together full joy and happiness I wish that this simple presentation.
I hope you'll love this..
We will never leave you alone...
I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn't change them for anything.

I love you!

* so much

I always remember the day we met
And I knew that I wanted you to be with me forever!
How lucky am I to have you year after year!

Every TIME I see you

I fall in love love all over again

and over again...

Every day I love you

And I thank you for the LOVE, CARES and COMFORT you gave me in times when i'm down.

And Im very very SORRY for the times that I hurt you. Sorry my lady..

I just hope and pray

I hope that more and more years to come on our relationship
and to get the healthy life and a happy relationship TOGETHER

one more thing my lady...

Happy 7th Anniversary to us my lady...*

* Your loving
* thixpin,

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